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Empowering parks and rec, sports complexes, and other organizations to achieve professional-level fields with less paint, labor, and time. One person operates our robots and can paint an 11v11 soccer field in 22 minutes, a football field with hash marks in under 2 hours, and a women's lacrosse field in just 29 minutes. Instead of tying up a 3-4-person crew to layout, stake, and line your fields, one person can do it all utilizing our Tablet's easy-to-use drag-and-drop Google Maps interface. With hundreds of pre-loaded field templates, from football to flag football, soccer to lacrosse, and ultimate to rugby, you can be sure every field is accurate and proportional. While the TinyMobileRobot lays down perfect lines, arches, hash marks, logos, and mid-field logos with unparalleled accuracy, your staff can focus on other tasks to prepare your fields and make them a point of pride for everyone.

  • Pro X

    The Pro X is perfect for organizations with multiple fields and sports types, and with its large high traction wheels can easily handle varied turf types. The included tablet is pre-loaded with 100s of sports field templates, and its simple Google Maps interface allows you to edit, resize, and copy any field.

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