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Signature Accessible by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

Signature Accessible by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

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Create an inclusive, inviting outdoor exercise center with Greenfields Outdoor Fitness! Greenfields' units are enjoyed at parks, schools, senior centers, trails and military bases nationwide. One of the most exciting concepts introduced to the public in recent years, outdoor fitness equipment has evolved into an amenity that can be used by nearly anyone, regardless of age, ability or fitness level.

The Signature Accessible units (U.S. Patent 9,079,069 and 11,130,039) have broadened the versatility of the Greenfields' line to individuals in wheelchairs, who can use these units without having to transfer. The Signature Accessible line includes a chest press, vertical press, butterfly press, and more! Nearly all units are available as 2-person models allowing those with mobility impairments to exercise on the same units as their able-bodied peers. Moreover, the wheelchair-accessible side can, in most cases, be used by the able-bodied in a standing position. Greenfields also offers three wheelchair-accessible units with adjustable resistance.

The Signature Accessible product line includes machines designed to both strengthen the upper body muscles used to propel manual wheelchairs, and also exercise the reverse muscles to help prevent injuries. The Signature Accessible line is used and endorsed by U.S. Paralympian Jen French.

  • Greenfields' unique ADA-Accessible Product Line (U.S. Patent No. 9,079,069) includes twelve units that target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, and core. Now even those in wheelchairs can enjoy working out at Greenfields' fitness zones! Demonstrate your commitment to health and fitness for all with these fantastic new additions.

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