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ActionFit by UltraSite

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Josh Thayer, Director of Sales

ActionFit outdoor adult fitness equipment, for ages 13 and up, encourages healthy, active outdoor exercise while addressing the critical 5 elements of fitness: Aerobic, Muscle Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Core. ActionFit emulates equipment found in gyms but is built to last outdoors. With over 20 equipment choices and pre-configured kits, ActionFit can help your community get active!

  • The ActionFit Cardio Walker offers aerobic fitness and cardio benefits through a smooth striding motion similar to walking or jogging. Outdoor fitness park users can modify the intensity of their cardio aerobic exercise by extending or shortening the stride. Ergonomically designed handles and textured foot pedals ensure user comfort.

Categories Listed In:

Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Abdominal Strength-Training Systems
ADA Accessible
Balance Training Products
Bars, Chin-up
– – Exercise
Children's Equipment/Facilities
Chin-up Stand
Cross-Training Equipment
– – Recumbent
– – Stationary
Exercise Circuits, Outdoor
Exercise Courses/Fitness Trails
Handicapped Equipment
Jump Training Devices
Outdoor Fitness Equipment
Physical Therapy Equipment
Single-Station Exercise Systems
Sliding Systems, Aerobic
Step Training Benches/Accessories
Strength Training Equipment
– – Multi-Station
Stretching Apparatus
Upper Body Exercisers

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
Fitness Equipment, Outdoor

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