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Asphalt Anchors Corp.

Asphalt Anchors Corp.

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Rudor 'Dori' Teich, Marketing Manager

Asphalt Anchors Corp. (AAC) is a manufacturer of specialty chemical anchors that bond with the asphalt in a stress-free permanent attachment. Sold under the trade name BoltHold™ four sizes of anchors are available offering pull resistance up to 5,000 lbs. (More if the asphalt is thicker than 3".) For comparison, expansion anchors that work in masonry will loosen up in hours and are limited to 100-200 lbs. pull resistance in asphalt when new.

The anchors install flush with the surface and are provided with internal female threads (3/8", 7/16" and 5/8"). For seasonal applications. like speed bumps that need to be removed for the winter to allow snow plowing, plastic snap inserts are available to protect the internal thread.

Popular applications include mounting bike racks, carports, road delineators, speed bumps, flood control devices, tents, bollards, posts, signs and fences as well as outdoor furniture.

AAC markets its products via reps and distributors and via its own website asphaltanchors.com. The website provides extensive information including data sheets, installation guides, video clips, case histories, test results, application examples and a blog. An overview video clip is accessible here.

Active distributors enjoy deep discounts and listing on our website which is well visited and provides significant number of leads.

  • Our product line includes 4 sizes of anchors in 2 material choices adhesive grouts for bonding to asphalt (3 option s), 3 compatible eyebolts, and related tools and accessories

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