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Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, Inc.

Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, Inc.

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Create a multigenerational and inclusive outdoor gym for your community! Greenfields' extensive product line includes the X-Treme Ninja Courses with three new courses for 2023, the Professional Series with adjustable resistance, Functional Fitness Series, the Signature Accessible line for users in wheelchairs, and the Legacy Series.

The X-Treme Ninja Courses puts advanced users to the test with obstacles like slanted jump boards, a peg wall, rotating pull-ups, cheese walls and much more. These combine to make the most rigorous outdoor fitness experience yet. Check out a real ninja warrior try out one of our courses - see his run through X-Treme Ninja Course 1 here!

Unique in the outdoor fitness space, the Professional Series offers a huge resistance range to accommodate users at almost every fitness level. The Professional Series with adjustable resistance is weather resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Push the limits with Greenfields' Functional Fitness units! Greenfields' new exercise stations challenge advanced users and create the ultimate environment for intense outdoor training. The rigs include activities like cannonball and lat pull-ups, battle ropes, suspension training and more. Greenfields offers both predesigned fitness rigs and a "build-your-own" option to ensure the best solution for each community.

Greenfields' unique Signature Accessible Line (U.S. Patent No. 9,079,069 and 11,130,039) includes twelve units that target the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back, and core.

The Legacy Series harnesses users' body weight to provide resistance, thereby conforming to the fitness level of the individual. Rugged in their design and construction, the Legacy Series units perform well even in challenging environments.

We also offer complimentary design services. For a streamlined purchasing experience, use our Sourcewell contract!

  • Greenfields Outdoor Fitness equipment is the perfect solution for any environment, large or small. For the maximum benefit to the community, Greenfields' Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Experience package includes a complete Professional Series circuit, body-weight resistance and Signature Accessible (TM) exercise area, boot camp, kick boxing and an open area for stretching, Zumba, and other activities.

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