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Jolie Ross, Marketing Coordinator

Founded in 1865 as a company producing steel cable for the elevator industry, Berliner was the first company in 1971 to develop commercial playground equipment using steel reinforced rope. For the last 45 years Berliner has established its name as the world leading manufacturer of net climbers, with its North American headquarters located in Greenville SC. The products range from traditional stand-alone nets to custom net playgrounds, establishing the motto, Custom Is Our Standard.

The uniqueness of Berliner living playgrounds encourage interaction, challenge, and fun for children of all ages and abilities. Climbing, swinging, and balancing promotes agility, coordination, strength, and achievement in a playful environment for child development and learning.

For five decades, Berliner has been providing exciting products for playgrounds around the world. The state of the art technology, combined with the use of uncompromising materials, ensures safety and durability next to none with many of the first structures produced still in use today. This longevity is due to Berliner technology in their components, tensioning systems, connectors, clamps, and quality rope with the ability to replace sections vs. complete nets. Due to our longevity, Berliner guarantees part availability for the life of the structure defining another motto, Play Equipment for Life.

We don't just think green, we work green. It defines the way we build playgrounds and the way we think. All of our products meet and exceed the regulations for lead in paint, phthalates, PVC free, reduced carbon footprint to protect both, children and the environment.

  • Big Play with a Little Footprint

    With endless customization possibilities, the WaggaWagga's modular system allows for a variety of play functions for any space that needs some excitement. Play inside on the rubber membranes or climb all the way to the top and shuffle through the suspended tunnel that will overlook the rest of the playground taking any climbers to new heights.
  • LaGrange: Go Big in the Barn!

    This versatile play structure encompasses all the elements of fun! This barn-themed design is the newest member of our Greenville product line and has plenty of rope components to test out while practicing hand-eye coordination. With entertaining play panels that help fine tune motor skills and add-on slides to enhance the user's play experience. Check out the LaGrange today!

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