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Dog Wash Systems, USA

Dog Wash Systems, USA

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Dog Wash Systems, USA manufactured by CCSI International, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of pet washes since 2009. Over the years, Dog Wash Systems, USA has expanded their reach into a wide variety of industries including park and recreation. Parent company, CCSI International, Inc. is not inexperienced when it comes to the wet environment building industry. A family-run business dating back to 1964, CCSI International, Inc., known for their pool enclosures and car wash buildings, is proud of their long-term reputation of structural integrity and longevity, synonymous with their manufacturing. Providing quality through craftsmanship is what we do best.

Today, dog parks are multi-faceted recreational experiences for dogs and dog owners alike. Exercise equipment, dog specific drinking fountains, groomed dog trails, and warming/cooling stations are the norm. Dog parks are now an integral aspect in communities and municipalities throughout the United States. Drawing on the energy and momentum of the last decade, Dog Wash Systems, USA is excited to partner with the park and recreation industry. A dog park amenity such as a self-serve pet wash, not only provides value to the communities they serve, but can quickly become an asset to the budget line. A wide variety of self-serve pet wash styles are available to serve your recreation project. Let Dog Wash Systems, USA partner with you to help you do what you do best—serve your community!

  • Dog Wash Systems flagship modular pet wash, the Park Model. These units are made to order, factory direct right here in the USA. Our Dog Washes are all ADA compliant, easy to install and leave a small footprint. Connect water, electricity and drain and you?re off! Expelling only grey water, our dog washes are eco-friendly and attractive. Customize your unit to your liking, free of charge! Call us today to get started: 800-537-8231.

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