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Nora VandenBerghe, Managing Partner

Dog parks continue to be one of top planned additions to communities across the United States. While some dog parks are just fenced-off enclosures, more are being designed to feature agility components and other amenities to create community destinations and fill a much-needed gap in adult and family recreation.

As the industry leader and the first company in the US to specialize exclusively in off-leash areas, Dog-ON-It-Parks provides solutions for turnkey parks. With over five dozen innovative play activities, you won't find a wider selection of customizable, rust-proof components and furnishings anywhere else.

Developed as a collaboration of playground designers, park planners, dog agility experts and veterinarians, Dog-On-It-Parks specializes in products that draw people to dog parks. All agility components are designed for durability with an exclusive lifetime warranty against rust and are thoroughly tested for both safety and fun.

A full line of dog park accessories is also available to help enhance your park design. Dog drinking fountains, benches, pet wash stations and fire hydrants are must-haves, along with surfacing solutions, shade shelters and everything else needed for a modern dog park.

If your dog park is still an open space, take the next step in creating off-leash fun by adding Dog-ON-It-Parks equipment. Our friendly dog park experts can help you every step of the way with product recommendations and unbeatable customer service. Additional product information can be found at
www.dog-on-it-parks.com. For assistance with an immediate project, dial 877-348-3647.

  • Dog parks generate more outdoor recreation for the investment than almost any other activity in your parks. Why not make your dog park more of a destination with agility equipment and other amenities from Dog-ON-It-Parks? Choose from a wide selection of rust-proof dog agility components and a wide variety of specialized park furnishings like fire hydrants, benches, dog drinking fountains, pick-up bag dispensers and much more. Visit www.dog-on-it-parks.com for product information, resources and expert advice!

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