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Paddock Pool Equipment Co., Inc.

Paddock Pool Equipment Co., Inc.

555 Paddock Parkway
P.O. Box 11676   (29731)
Rock Hill, SC  29730

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Swimming pools…movie stars… that's how Paddock got started back in the early 1920's, building America's first backyard pools on the estates of wealthy Southern Californians. Back then, a private pool had to be built with formed concrete using heavy machinery, an exorbitantly priced luxury available only to the top echelons of society. The idea caught on, and in a short time everybody wanted one. Paddock took the concept to the next level, and the modern pool industry was born.

In the 1930's, Paddock built the first 50-meter monolithic pool using pneumatically applied concrete (gunite) at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara. Soon, gunite was the method of choice for pool construction, enabling a new generation of specialized contractors to build affordable residential pools. By the 1940's, Paddock had established the first network of franchised dealers to build its standard designs around the country.

Paddock Pool Equipment Company was formed to manufacture high quality equipment for use in Paddock swimming pools. In the 1960's, Paddock Pool Equipment was reorganized and exclusively shifted its focus to commercial equipment. The Equipment Company took center stage, introducing several key innovations over the years such as stainless-steel perimeter gutter, movable bulkhead, vacuum sand filter, and most recently the Paddock EvacuatorĀ®, leading the way in improving air quality for indoor aquatic facilities. So, when you see a modern commercial pool, consider the fact that Paddock Pool Equipment was integral in developing the products that you see today.

  • Tag along, as we take you on a tour of the Paddock Pool Equipment facility. You'll get to take a look at some of our departments; everything from gutter and bulkhead, to filters and deck equipment.

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Aquatic Facility Components
Deck & Accessory Equipment
Drain Covers, Pool
Filter Supplies
Filtration Systems
Gutter Systems
Ladders & Grab Bars
Lane Storage Reel
Lifeguard Chairs
Maintenance Training
Pool Grates/Drains
Pools, Stainless Steel
Purifiers, Ionization
Railings, Grab, Hands, Etc.
Renovation Systems
Safety Devices & Equipment
Safety Devices, Drain Entrapment
Starting Blocks/Platforms
Water Polo Goals & Equipment

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