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Since 1948, we've been focused on customer satisfaction and the best selection of quality site amenities at great prices. With our website's easy to find product selection, detailed product information and expert help—finding the right site amenities is simple. Shop thousands of products at Belson.com—Picnic Tables, Park Benches, Trash Receptacles, Bike Racks, Aluminum Bleachers, Shade Shelters, Park Grills and More!

Belson Manufacturing opened its doors as a decorative ironwork foundry, supplying materials and components to the residential construction industry. As the Parks and Recreation industry began developing, Belson redirected its design and innovation focus to enriching comfort and convenience in the outdoor spaces that Americans were increasingly growing to appreciate. Many of those developments, like the original rotating park grill, are still standard issue in parks across the country.

Over the years Belson continued to grow not only as a manufacturer but as a distributor for quality site amenities. By the mid 90’s Belson launched one of the first E-Commerce sites to serve the growing marketplace and rebranded as Belson Outdoors. Belson.com, Your Outdoor Superstore®, has continued to cement its position as the go-to source for today’s site amenity project needs.

Our purpose and passion ‘Enriching People and Places’ is demonstrated daily with our ‘We Are Here For You’ proven process and dedication to industry leading customer satisfaction–all backed by our branded guarantee: Right Products, Right Time, Right Price–Guaranteed.

Belson Outdoors, Your Outdoor Superstore®, is proud to be serving the needs of the park and recreation industry.

  • We've Got You Covered!

    Sun safety enhancement for just about any site amenities under the sun - outdoor seating and eating areas, playgrounds, aquatic centers, bleacher seating, parking spaces, and sun shades are also becoming ever more popular at dog parks as well. Enhance the aesthetics of your site and your sun safety program - a sun shades also helps extend the lifespan of the amenities they shelter. We have a large variety of options to cover just about any site amenity, find yours here: http://www.belson.com/Shade-Structures
  • Wood plank picnic tables provide an inviting classic aesthetic but let's face it wood doesn't last forever and replacement is an outright eventuality. Why not use locally obtained lumber on a quality built steel frame that will last – so when eventuality does arrive, matching replacement wood planks are readily available locally and freight free. Belson Outdoors offers a variety of high quality commercial grade picnic table frame kits made from 1-1/2", 1-5/8" and 2-3/8" O.D. steel tubing.
  • Expertly crafted (100% recyclable) galvanized steel picnic table frame with precision manufactured (100% recyclable) aluminum tops and seats offered at a value orientated price point. Park King 6' and ADA (8' Top, 6' Seats) models available in clear anodized, green & tan finishes.
  • Belson Outdoors offering what may be the most durable earth friendly picnic table on earth. The picnic table is constructed with a pre-galvanized powder-coated tube frame that is made from the world's most recycled material, steel and comes available in table tops and seats that are made from the indefinitely recyclable aluminum. The Park Master Aluminum picnic table is available as 6', 8' and 8' Universal Access lengths in Anodized, Green and Tan Finishes.
  • Steel Mesh Backless Benches

    Create a fluid look throughout gyms and locker rooms with surface, wall mounted or portable backless benches. The expanded metal diamond pattern provides structural strength and deters pooling of water on its surface. It inhibits rust or corrosion with a prime powder-coated finish, allowing years of service. Steel Mesh Backless Benches lightweight design allows portability around gyms and locker rooms if surface mounted, yet are sturdy enough to be wall mounted. The powder-coated expanded metal diamond pattern deters pooling of water on its surface and the sealed finish combats rust and corrosion. Click the photo to find yours.

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Aquatic Facility Components
Banners & Flags
Furniture, Deck & Pool
Shade Structures

Building & Facility Components
Barriers, Crowd Control
Drinking Fountains
Handicapped Equipment
– – Drinking Fountains
Hand Washing Station
Locker Rooms/Shower Equipment/Restrooms
– – Benches
– – Floor Mats
– – Waste Receptacles
– – Garbage Cans & Holders
– – Recycling Cans & Bins
Playground Equipment - Indoor
– – ADA Accessible
– – Modular Playground Equipment
Sanitation Products
– – Hand Sanitizing Stations
Seating, Indoor
– – Bleachers, Mobile
– – Bleachers, Permanent
– – Chairs, Stackable
– – Replacement Seating, Bleacher
– – Barriers, Crowd Control
Sink, Portable
Stages, Portable or Roll-Out

Fitness & Exercise Equipment
Abdominal Strength-Training Systems
ADA Accessible
Circuit Training Systems
Exercise Courses/Fitness Trails
Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Food Service & Concession Equipment
Cooking Equipment
Grill, Barbecue
Hot & Cold Drink Dispensers

Grounds & Field Maintenance
Fencing, Barriers & Gates
Litter Collection Equipment
Parking Lot Blocks
Pet Waste Disposal
Planters & Urns
Traffic Control Products
Waste & Litter Collection Equipment
Waste & Litter Disposal Equipment

Site Furnishings, Structures & Park Equipment Components
Awnings & Tents
Benches, Park
– – Permanent
– – Portable
Bicycle Air Filling Station
Bicycle Lockers
Bicycle Racks
Bus Stop Shelters
Campfire Rings
Cigarette Urns
Containers, Hot Coals
Dog Park Equipment
Drinking Fountains
Fences, Outdoor
– – Crowd Control
– – Fence Guards
– – Fencing, Portable Safety
Fitness Equipment, Outdoor
Flag & Flagpoles
Furniture, Outdoor
Litter Pick-up Tools
Pet Drinking Fountains
Picnic Grills
Picnic Shelters
Picnic Tables
Picnic Table Transporter
Playground Equipment
– – ADA Accessible
– – Challenge Courses
– – Modular Playground Systems
– – Shade Covers
– – Spring Riders
Recycling Receptacles
Shade Structures
Tables, Folding
Tents & Canopies
Toilets, Portable
Trash Containers
– – Outdoor Showers

Sports Equipment & Components
Benches, Players'
– – Golf Course Accessories
Seating, Outdoor
– – Bleachers, Covers/Shades
– – Bleachers, Mobile
– – Bleachers, Permanent
– – Equipment
– – Goals
– – Nets
– – Posts, Flags

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