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Terry Grishman, Sales Manager

Pulsar® Systems is your commercial swimming pool chlorination solution for amusement parks, municipalities, community pools, resorts and professional training venues. Pulsar® is an industry leader specializing in powerful automated feed systems and disinfection solutions to give your swimming pool remarkable water clarity, color and sparkle. We are committed to continually adding value to our products through service and support and strive to meet evolving community, state, and national water standards, while responding to health and wellbeing concerns with innovative solutions.
  • Next Generation Pulsar Feeders Reduce Maintenance, Saves Time

    Fullerton, California – The city had directed its Facilities Maintenance Department to find ways to further reduce service time spent at its pools. To help achieve that end, the department switched out three of the city?s calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) chlorination systems with the new Pulsar® Precision calcium hypochlorite feeders from Sigura. Learn how we helped achieve their objectives. Click to view literature.
  • Pulsar Precision Feeders Provide Winning Chlorination for 2021 USA Swim Trials

    Two temporary Olympic-size swimming pools were constructed at CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska, exclusively to host the trials for the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo. To comply with the needs of the competitors, the pools were operated using some of the most advanced water chemistry technologies available – including regenerative media filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, and demand-based chlorination using Pulsar® Precision calcium hypochlorite feed systems. Click to view literature.
  • Cyanuric Acid: Why Is CYA Important To Consider For Pool Operations?

    CYA restricts free chlorine loss due to the sun?s ultraviolet rays, thereby saving on chlorine usage and cost. It also helps buffer pH. CYA is the only stabilizer commonly used in the recreational aquatics market for stabilizing chlorine.

    Click to view literature.
  • Pulsar Precision

    Clear and sparkling commercial pool water with Pulsar® Protection!                                                                                 

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